The Rolling Turd!

Seems that HL had so many laughs when she watched RV with Robin Williams that she highly recommended it to us. Well Joe had a hectic week at work and we needed a little Friday fluff to calm down, so we rented RV.

I can see the whole movie as funny but what has me concerned is what parts of the movie truly reflected our journey back from the Maritimes with HL in the back seat! I don't call any toilet woes but they can happen and let's face it, poop jokes are funny, expecially when it's someone else's mess! Perhpas it was the part where the Mom sings badly off key - I can definitely relate to that!

No matter what, we enjoyed the movie and we certainly enjoyed our holiday camping trip this past summer. Oh where did the time go by? We are already planning next year's adventures and Les & Aaron have the camper pencilled in for their family re-union in August. Hmmmm where Joseph & Alex are concerned , you can be sure there will be some potty laughs coming our way!

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