Another awesome family gathering!

We had 13 for Thanksgiving dinner at Lesley & Aaron's home. Lesley certainly had a great brain wave when she managed to borrow a foldable table for the overflow crowd! I'm not sure how Joseph decided who sat where, but we pretty much sat where we wanted to. I think Joseph took his job at Henry & April's wedding very seriously, and decided to mix the place cards up Sunday!

Dinner was stylishly late, Aaron was working as was LeeAnne. But we all sat down to the traditional turkey dinner with sweet potato, stuffing and what we like to refer to as the works...potato,gravy,carrots, cranberries, black forest ham oh and a tray of cabbage rolls in for good luck! To say the tables were groaning from all this food would be an understatement.

Dessert was served after the kitchen was cleared, dishes loaded and food put away. Lesley set up her chocolate foundation with a nice selection of fruit and some of us also drizzled some chocolate over the carrot bundt cake, with whipped cream. Yup...I think Heather was in the best shape of all of us, with her stretchy Joey Tribiani turkey pants! We certainly had a lot to be thankful for this year.

Saturday was spent busy in the new nursery. We didn't get the trim painted...there's an excuse for another road trip!...but the walls are done and the nursery is well on it's way. Heather picked out a nice colour and we also got fabric for curtains. I will leave the details up to Heather to blog about.
Ahhhh, cold turkey sammiches and a hot cup of tea! What a life!

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Lesley said...

I think H should also post the pic of her and Dad comparing bellies!