Roundtuit List

I'm not sure if this is helping me stay on track or not! It's more fun to cross things off the list than add! Oh well, I won't be crossing much off this weekend! Heather should be able to though!

We are heading south with some supplies - bucket, tsp, rags etc...all the things you need to wash walls in preparation for painting a nursery! I read the good news this morning about Jeff having moved all that furniture by himself yesterday. I hope he isn't too sore, but it'll make tomorrow go a lot faster. We may even get to buy paint! Happy Day!

Sunday will be the big dinner at Lesley's. We'll go over earlier and get the turkey stuffed and into the oven. Lesley has the head count set at 13, but you never know, someone else may pop over. We have yet to run out of food!


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