I'm not ignoring you

I haven't updated for a few days, I don't think it's blog burnout YET although I have seen others have had that problem around the anniversary of the first entry.

I've been sorting through some of my To Dos, hoping to chnage them into To Das! Not too much success in just a couple of days, but there's always tomorrow. RIGHT! NOT!

We've been getting back into darts, at home. I'm not ready for a team yet! I did manage to tie our in homes games though! And I doubled out! We each have a ton on the board. We have a busy Saturday coming up - Steve Fraser is having a birthday and we are all going out to Jubliations and then they are staying overnight for games in the bar. We had hoped to have the tub going, but we got too cold too fast, so on to plan B.

We got our holiday shopping well underway - in case of an early arrival! Now to just figure out a birthday present for Joseph next month. Joe wanted to look at power scooters, bikes and such...I really think he was looking for Big Joseph!

We are having a date night - travelling all the way to Spruce Grove to catch a hockey game - vs Grande Prairie. This is Junior A, we followed it closely when we were in Cold Lake with the Bonnyville Pontiacs. Season tickets holders too! Should be a fun game, let's hope I don't forget my gloves - these are the small non heated arenas! But at $10 a ticket vs $75+ for NHL, you can't beat the price!

Have a great weekend!


Alberta said...

Oops - forgive the typos...gotta get the big guy up from his nap so we can have a quick supper before heading out!

Alberta said...

The Saints lost in OT, good game, we'll be catching more games in the weeks to come!