Can you see this?

Joe brought home the first truck outfitted with the new glow in the dark decalled work trucks. This is all part of keeping the service guys safe in the field, far away from the civilized world as we know it. It gets dark fast and for a long time way up north.

This should do the trick along with a little not so quiet advertisement. So which department pays for this - safety, transportation or promotions? BTW - these night shots are with camera flash only. Now if we could only make wildlife on the roads this visible!


Lesley said...

Wow! That glows pretty bright! Looks good Dad, it's a great concept, I'm sure you'll be a trend-setter for the other companies.

Lucie & Co. said...

... but does it have a license plate that reads: REDNECK

Alberta said...

No, these are company personalizing them!