Wordless Wednesday! NOT

I just couldn't do that, post an image and not add my 2 cents worth! In our house, we have a running joke about only working half days. That doesn't mean from 8 to noon, it means from 8 am to 8 pm - 12 hours! Reflecting back on why we are so tired these days, I realize that some of it may be from the lack of natural light. Joe leaves for work shortly after 6:30 and returns about 6pm. Soon he will leave in the dark and return in the dark. Perhaps I should up the light bulb wattage!


Lesley said...

I think that's my all time favorite picture of Dad!

Josie said...

Thanks for popping by my little music blog. I enjoy getting new visitors.

Yes, I find in Canada it's a good idea to have brighter lights in the winter. It helps prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD). We have such short summers. don't we?

I love your wanted poster...!