Busy weekend ahead!

Our truck is back in the shop...more fuel injector problems...had 2 replaced last month...Joe said fix 'em all this time! So we may be heading to Cow town Saturday morning in the VW, loaded to the gills!

We are dropping off Joseph's birthday present - in case we can't do the return trip on the 26th, some baby stuff for Heather & Jeff and as many Christmas presents that we can fit!

Saturday evening is Ultimate fighting for the guys...not sure what the ladies will do...baby talk, wedding talk, or just gossip. Sunday we will make arrangements for Jonathan's crib mattress! Oops...leaving that until the last minute!

I hope to be back home for the second half of the Grey Cup game. I'd like to see it all, but let's be realistic about the roads etc. We aren't quite as crazy as we were in 1997 when Joe & I, along with Ted Steinke did a return trip from Cold Lake to Edmonton to sit about 8 rows up from the 50 yard line...and then afterwards, drive BACK to Cold Lake for work Monday! No drinking for us! Great game...TO beat SK 47-23, Doug Flutie MVP. So I would be happy with even the last quarter, some chicken wings or nachos & a cup of tea - all in my pj's! For those not in the know, Cold Lake is ~3hrs from Edmonton...so 6 hours of driving plus time to find parking, sit through the game, try and make your way out to where you think you parked, grab some food/coffee for the return trip yada yada yada...extremely long day, but well worth the memories!

Have a great weekend!


Alli said...

Sounds like a blast have loads of fun

MelComeau said...

UFC nights always happen at our place since Jimmy decided to buy a 60in tv... *eye roll* Stupid tv... I end up just hanging out with all the guys, I wish there was someone around that wanted to talk about weddings, babies and just to gossip with instead!

Alberta said...

OH NO! I hope Joe doesn't read this...or he'll want a bigger TV! He has mentioned it a couple of times, but for the amount that we watch, I can't see the point, especailly as all 4 tv's in our house actually work!

Yes, there's only the 2 of us...we have TV in the living room, family room, bar and soon to have one in the gym area...as soon as a certain someone adds a spliter box!

I do have my shows I like to watch, but then I'm happy just to have the radio or cd player on.

MelComeau said...

We have 4 tvs in our tiny little apartment... 2 I made Jimmy stick in the closet... He wanted 2 in the bedroom, one for his video games and one just to watch dvds on... It took forever but I convinced him that he only needed the one tv in our room and could still do both of those things with it! He tried to talk me into getting a bigger tv for the living room so we could put the 60inch in the bedroom... I laughed and told him I would leave him if he went any bigger!!

I'm happy with the smaller tv in our room to watch my baby and wedding shows on... I don't watch tv often...