My head hurts!

Picture it...I'm in the kitchen chopping the veg for our supper stir fry...The phone rings. I figure it's Joe saying he's running late.

Nope, it's WalMart wanting to know if I'm going to be in soon to pick up my photos...They have been sitting there for quite a while. Photos, I don't remember dropping off film for developing...I ask again which Wal Mart, the one in St Albert...No...Milton. Milton, where's Milton...I figure it's one of the city suburbs...After the third time of her saying went ding! Milton Ontario! I said I hadn't dropped of any film, she must have the wrong number...I'm in a small northern AB town. She again confirmed my name...But she said the envelope was a little smudged...She was trying to be very persuasive...But I finally had to say, sorry I won't be in to pick up this film! I think she must have did an online 411 search with the few letters she got decipher. That shouldn't have thrown off my night's rhythm, but it did. What was I thinking...Milton!

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