I shouldn't even look, but I DO!

For those who don't know, Joe gave me a weather station last year. I have an updated every 2 minutes report of outside temperature, wind direction & speed, wind chill factor, how much rain/snow...Humidity...Barometric pressure...Etc...And a likely forecast of what's to come. I also have the lowest temp to date and highest. Yeah, right, who cares about hot in November? I KNOW it's cold out there...So why do I torture myself by knowing EXACTLY how cold? I guess I'm just a sucker for punishment!

I'm going to NOT look so cute on Saturday, going to Joe's company Christmas bash, all dressed up in a little black dress, stockings & heels and a down jacket & Sorels! I guess we'll have to get there early and check our coats fast. My luck, I'll forget my dress shoes and have to clump around in my boots!

Maybe a miracle will happen and we'll get a chinook...one can always hope! Stay warm everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends! Gotta love turkey & all the trimmings!

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