Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen (+ 4) Places I have Lived

  1. Algonquin Street, North Bay, ON
  2. Neebig Street, Manitouwadge ON
  3. Vanier Blvd, Bathurst, NB
  4. Bernon Street, Bathurst, NB
  5. Heath Court, Newcastle, NB
  6. Windsor House, Sackville, NB
  7. St. Margarets, NB
  8. Cunard Street, Chatham, NB
  9. Victoria Road, Dartmouth, NS
  10. Yypes/Normandy Cres, Kingston, ON
  11. Ottawa St, Ralston, AB
  12. Tribune Cres, Victoria, BC
  13. Dakota Cres, Summerside, PEI
  14. Caen Cres, Kingston, ON
  15. Erin Mount Place, Calgary, AB
  16. Elm Cres, Cold Lake, AB
  17. 90th Street, Morinville, AB

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bren said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I don't think I could come up with some of the street names where I've lived. Are these from your childhood too? You always get my mind in motion. I started a 'to do list' and now may have to a 'where I left my mark place' Do Barracks count??
Stay warm!

Alberta said...

Of course barracks count! You probably did some of your best 'living' there!

Yes, that is a complete list, starting from birth in North Bay. We did live in 2 places in St Margarets but only had the 1 mailing address. I wasn't sure how to log the wee cottage on the highway and the mobile home park outside the Base gates...BTW...cottage is still there, mobiles long gone!

Alberta said...

I so suck at this tech stuff...I've tried 3 times to edit this and get that link box to no avail...Whatever! I have things to do, places to go!

The Big Guy said...

AHHH places we have lived,,,If i think back i can add, a camp cot in a fox hole in waihwright in january..BBrrrrr... a rack on a ship on the ocean,,,a camp cot in a tent afghanistan for a couple years,,,Naw...all a bad dream...home all warm and comfy these days...1 year and counting...

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

maybe if you are lucky can sleep in an air matress in Jonathans room...ha ha ha...Jonasthan can have the drawer...just kidding...BTW does a drawer count as a place I lived?!?!? just kidding


Alberta said...

On YOUR list, it would!
Love ya!

Haley-O said...

Wow! That's A LOT of places!! I've lived in Toronto, ON, Hamilton, ON, London, ON. That's it! :)

MelComeau said...

I moved about a dozen times but I didn't get off of Beaverbrook rd until I was old enough to move to Fredericton on my own!

Jennifer said...

Holy Crow!! That's a lot of packing! Hmm, I wonder how many places I've lived? 18 maybe? Well I know they are all in Saint John, unfortunately.