It's not cool to PANIC!

I'm not sure why this sense of urgency came over me today. That's not like me. What with cookie exchange baking to do, I do have my ingrediants, sewing for Jonathan's room - done except to figure out how to make the bedskirt so Heather can shorten it when the mattress is lowered, sewing ultra suede curtains for Lesley, making burb cloths for J, planning the best safe investment for Dad, and then, oh ya...I'm not going to be home from late November until 10 December! I think I found the problem!!!!!

Jeff has a road trip to go on and I volunteered to go down and keep HL company...just in case she has the baby early. I can be the coach, right?! I'm looking forward to the visit, it's just the logistics of the trip. If the roads are bad, I'll go by greydog, but I can't take much , including Cody. Joe will be down there for Dec 8 he's my ride home. But if the roads are good and I drive, I can take all my junk and my dog. Joe can either go by greydog and come back with me OR drive & we have 2 vehicles down there! See my dilema. Decisions, decisions!

I just realized we have Christmas gifts to bring down as well as Joseph's birthday gift. I hope to come back with my carpet cleaner. We loaned it to HL when we painted, not knowing that our cat Chow would be sick on the carpets a couple of times! Thanks Chow...that should help me get my new carpet!!!!

Well have you figured out what the photo is of? I made 6 assorted burb cloths for Jonathan's care givers! There's not a teddy bear to be seen, closest cute one is the green with lady bugs on it. The others should be manly enough for Daddy Jeff, Papa Joe, Uncka Aaron and Grandpa Bob. There's even a couple of spare in case Joseph and Alex want to give holding Jonathan a try...under Mommy's supervision of course! I did the work, Lucie supplied all the fabric except for the lady bugs(Les'). She gave me those about 2 years ago and they were so small I didn't know what to do with them...behold...burb cloths. All ready to go, now where is Jonathan hiding???

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