Wasn't that a party!

After a failed attempt at getting my pantyhose on...I went with Joe's suggestion...wear pants and be comfortable! What a joke those sizes on the packages are! 1 size has never fit me since I became a Mom and those suggestions of A,B or C are totally off the mark.
Joe drove in, I drove home. What an arrangement - 50/50! So I had a sip of Bailey's while trying to wiggle into the hose, a glass of wine with dinner and then juice & water. Have to watch all those evil calories...I did have a huge slice of chocolate cake. Mmmm!
After prime rib & turkey dinner, we had a trivia game - our table lost - and then the hypnotist did his thing. There was 1 real star of the show, we knew that about 3 mintues into the seeion when the suggestion was - you are a fish. Slowly, ever so slowly Paul's hands crept up past his shoulders, and then they started to swell like fish gills! Game on!
So, good food, entertainment, door prizes and great company made for a memorable evening.

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