1 squirt per visit!

Seeing as the highways were treacherous yesterday and we missed the great magic show at Joseph's birthday party, we decided to start the search for Joe's next signature scent.

The old standby - Old Spice - is a given. He's been getting it from Santa in his stocking, the girls on a tight budget, and so forth. But it's a good product, not expensive just the same every year. They don't change the packaging or the recipe.

But Joe has decided he wants something 'new'. He's not sure what it is, he just wants a change. He did the Givenchy Pi, Red Label, Blue Label and Davidoff Cool Water ( one of my favorites!) He liked Opium for men but they don't make that anymore. He liked Dolce Gabbana, can't find the right scent.

It would seem that part of the problem is the new concept of gender neutral scents! Why would I want to smell like my husband? Anyways, Joe sniffed away with a coffee bean chaser for about 20 minutes. He tried one he thought may be OK, not great, just OK...but after a squirt on, it was so WRONG! It smelled...PINK!

I'll be picking up another year's supply of something old & spicy!

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Anonymous said...

I think I'm buying Aaron Polo for Christmas, usually it's Drakkar but he mentioned Polo not too long ago. He must have been reminiscing from high school days!