What do you do when the hot chocolate doesn't work?

It is so cold outside....I usually don't mind the cold. I have all the cold weather gear -I used to be outside all the time in Cold Lake, exploring the trails along the creek with Cody. This year, even with a down parka, sorels and such on...I'm feeling it. I can't remember the last time I had a hot flash! What is going on with me?

Please dont' let it be old age!

Joe plugged my little car in last night and it started easier today. Cody & I did a drug store &recycle run and got the temperature gauge to move a little bit. But it's just too cold to do anything other than curl up (Joe's not here to warm me!) with a good book or movie. Hey there's an idea, sure beats looking out the window at the chimney smoke going straight up! An old movie is better than a new day of shivering! Stay warm everyone!


Anonymous said...

1 word - BAILEY'S!

bren said...

Oh it's brrrrrrrrrr cold here too. Last time we got this much snow and this much cold was in 96,97.
when I moved to the Okanagan in 96 we had snow for halloween... I own 2 pairs of sorrells but they are somewhere in my 5X10X10 storage locker.. I had to go buy new walmart special boys size 6 boots for 25$ cause I'm still a starving student. Stay warm! Mulled wine works!