6 Weird Things about Moi!

1. Money -I'm totally anal about this. I scrutinize bills etc, compare my utility meter readings, balance every month. Bills have to be smoothed out and faced in my wallet. I strongly believe in spending change. My philosophy is, if we don't use the pennies, the government will remove them & retailers will round prices up. And ...Always ask salespeople if the marked price is the best they could do, especially on the big things. Joe calls this, asking for his veteran's discount!

2. I still have my stuffed elephant toy, I called Jumbo. My favorite Aunt Bebe made these Christmas 1960...Before my sister was born. Jumbo has had many button eyes over the years and now sports a scarf tie.

3. If I go clothes shopping by myself, I can never find anything. I pre judge things on the hanger and never even take any of the trendy things into the change rooms. If however I go shopping with Lesley, I can almost be assured of spending ~ $300 on lots of stuff.

4. I can't eat a PBJ sandwich without marg on the bread, even under the PB. It goes down better.

5. I still have some Mother's Day gifts from May 1995. Heather gave me a huge spider plant, full of babies and I still have about 4 pots of them around the house. Also, I can't remember who gave me these, but I have an unopened package of STRESS SAVERS. They look exactly like Life Savers. They were for me when things got really out of control while Joe was overseas. Gee, as long as I've had those, I've always felt 'I'm doing OK, I can get through this' and I have.

6. The wierdest thing is how I keep my kitchen counters. A few summers ago, a dear friend from Victoria days came to visit me... The first thing she commented on when we got into the house for a cup of tea, was how clear of clutter my counters are! Right now, all I have out are the coffee maker, kettle and microwave, knife block and my tea thermos. I guess some things are just naturally ingrained in you!

So now I have to tag someone else....mmmmmmm

1. Heather
2. Krista
3. Alli

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Anonymous said...

Yes, those are weird things but we love you anyways, ha ha!