Why tonight????

Joe surprised me last night with tickets to the Alberta Ballet's Saturday evening performance of The Nutcracker. Was I ever impressed, those tix have been sold out for weeks! I have always wanted to see this but have never been fortunate enough to get tickets.

So here I was reading everyone's blog updates, when the phone rings...it's Heather...her water broke!!!!! I am going to be so distracted, it isn't even funny!

In one way it would be nice if she had a nice leisurely labour but in another, more "Motherly" humane way, I wish her a speedy delivery! Looks like we will be setting the Christmas table for 1 more special person.

Stay tuned for updates...!
Happy Dance!!!

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MelComeau said...

I wasn't expecting any baby news till after x-mas! I'll keep checking back! I'm excited, hope it goes easy for her (as easy as labour can go :P)... Keep us updated, I'll be waiting for pictures!! :D