Doing so well until the aches & pains hit!

I'm at Heather & Jeff's finishing off the painting in the nursery. Why aren't baseboards etc at eye level? Why must a person get on their hands and knees with their nose 6 inches off the ground to paint these silly things! TWICE! One coat just didn't cover as well as I would have let's go around again. At least 2/3 of the doors are at a comfortable level!
Heather is in her last week of work before starting mat leave. I will try and get some pics to post of her in all her blossoming glory. Jeff has been having some technical problems with his digital camera & USB will give mine a try and if that doesn't work...I brought Joe's too! There are times when having 2 of everything comes in handy.
Thursday night is the Beck second Annual Cookie Exchange. I have my baking done but guess what Heather & I are doing Tuesday night after she has her weekly baby check-up! Yup...we're in the kitchen. That should be good for a couple of photos...Heather trying to stand at the counter only to be a belly away! Oh well...that's what Mom's are for.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things in the nursery are shaping up nicley! I hope Heather is feeling well in the final stages and I look forward to hearing that the baby had finally arrived!

Anonymous said...

She must be doing okay - she offered to watch the monsters so Aaron and I can attend his work party on the 16th. Crazy girl isn't she?