Griswold's Christmas

Seeing all the holiday lights & decorations makes me want to get our house Christmas ready. I'm not sure if Joe will be putting his outdoor lights up or not. In the past they have been strung around the balconey railing and trellis. But coloured lights against a salmon house gives a very distinct orange glow...more like Halloween! I've thinking that maybe we could string them around the back deck - where we could enjoy them from the family room.

Our old faithful tree, with it's lights still on will get unfolded and plumped up. We relive our past Christmas when we hang the ornaments...the girls made different ones almost every year. The favorites have to be the peanut reindeer they made in Girl Guides. I always look forward to hanging my 2 porcelain bells from the Hudson Bay Company, circa early 60's. I haven't made any new ornaments this year. Depending on the price, I may slice up some oranges and dehydrate them. I did that is past years, and they look quite nice, just don't keep well, too fragile.

We'll be watching the National Lampoon's Christmas before heading out to find a Griswold home in our own town. One family across the road went all out, every surface covered with lights etc. But the last time I walked by their house, they hadn't put up any so maybe they have moved on. Oh well, it's always fun checking out the creative spirit of our friends and neighbours.

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Alli said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy it