Handy dandy chopper

I first seen this @ Heather's, who bought it after talking with Lesley. I tried it out @ Lesley's (she got it from Lucie a past Christmas) and was totally blown away at the ease of use, great chopping action and easy to clean. Heather was looking for another gift for Joe, I recommended this. We love to eat and that means lots of chopping and cooking. Joe has yet to try it out...he got to try the fancy potato masher...but I'm sure he'll be giving it a whirl when we make homemade pizza later this weekend. This is one As Seen on TV product I would recommend to everyone.

This year Joe got me some heat packs that warm up without using a microwave. You simply click the metal disc inside the puch and it warms. You have to 'recharge' them by boiling for 10 mintues, but other than that, they are totally portable. I can hardly wait until the next hockey game in Spruce Grove, so I can try out the hand sized one!


Anonymous said...

I love the chopper! It's easy to use and easy to clean. I think Dad'll be getting the Pampered Chef Mix n Masher next, lol!

Jen said...

Thanks for posting. I am going shopping now to find one.