Well I blogged more than I ever thought I would when I started Lil Salmon House, averaging 0.83 blogs per day or 302 with this posting. I have no idea what the new year will bring, perhaps I will switch to Blogger Beta and get out of my comfort zone or start tracking via Google Analytics. I have been fortunate enough to not have any nasty unwanted comments. I think having almost the whole family blogging certainly added to our trip east this past summer. Who knows, maybe we'll spark some interest for others to travel west!

Not sure how, but we volunteered to cook a turkey dinner for our neighbour! She invited us over for a quiet at home celebration tonight and Joe asked about food...the rest you now know! The best part of the deal is we get to keep the carcass for soup! Mmmmm! I made a batch last week from the Christmas feast, had that with homemade bread from the machine Lesley lent us...Aaron you are so right about the evils of bread!!!!! If I plan it right, I should have enough meat to whip up some turkey salad in that handy chopper Heather got Joe!!!!

We had a frozen pizza last night that was almost as good as take-out. We baked it on the stoneware round I received from the Beck's and I'm so impressed. Next Saturday it will be homemade pizza...now I know how to use the stoneware! Another bonus was a certain cappaccino set from M&H...WOW! That was a nice way to finish supper last night....and the glass mugs are the perfect size! Les, Aaron - maybe you want it back!

As you may have guessed, we do enjoy eating well and often! That won't change in 2007 except perhaps the serving sizes!

I hope that everyone has something fun to do tonight and special people to do it with! Party safe and drive even safer! Party on!

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