Lookin' good today!

I'm wearing my new Christmas sweater ( mauve,pink & grey stripes) along with a mauve fleece vest. Heather, Jeff & Jonathan gave me them and they fit so nice...

It got my thinking about my love for sweaters which goes back years. They give with your every move, feel comfy and wash up like a dream with today's new yarns. The oldest sweater in my collection is one Nannie Sample knit me - chocolate brown pullover with a white snowflake design around the neck. She made Joe a matching one in reverse colours. We still have them, tucked away on a top closet shelf for some day when they may fit again! I know this is probably a pipe dream, but what a nice one to have!

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Jen said...

I am with you. I just love sweaters! I just bought one tonight for myself actually.

Tell Joe Paul loves his new bike! Lucky ducky!