Ahhhh...Is it spring yet?

I am so wanting it to be late February not early January! Please excuse that poor example of proper grammar! How am I ever going to survive not playing in the dirt with my seeds?

I'm trying to keep busy with those unfinished projects around the house so I can concentrate on planting when the time comes.

I have come to a huge - for me - decision...One I haven't talked over with Joe or even breathed a hint to Heather & Lesley. I want to get rid of the girls' Barbie bus so I can have my closet back for something more useful like a permanent place for my vacuum and carpet cleaner to live! There, maybe they won't be able to read this!!!!

All kidding aside, it's huge, they both have boys...And this is covered in ~years of dirt, grime and the odd insect carcass! They got it while in Kingston the first time around. They were 6 & 4 when we left for AB. Granted they enjoyed hours of entertainment with their Barbie 'Stuff" but I think it's time to let some things go.

Lesley is coming up tomorrow and Heather mid January, so both will have an opportunity to throw it into the back of their vehicles on the return trip. I won't stop them! Don't be upset with me, I think we did well keeping it all these years & moves!


bren said...

I hung on to tons of the kids baby stuff and toys. with mike it was micro machines (smaller than a barbie van believe me) and meg was into littlest pet shop (they were micro animals too).. I packed up the car last easter and handed them over their boxes... told them they had to be responsible for them now because I was tired of moving them and storing them. they do however have to clear it through me if they're going to get rid of anything lol.. I just can't let go.
you could always clean off the grime and insect carcasses and put it on ebay!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I remember playing with that Barbi van when I was in Kingston as well. I remember going over to play and all of us kids would pretend to get "Sea Sick" when we crossed that swinging bridge near the base...you know, the one that hummed when you drove across? Anyway, I do remember the van and the hours of fun!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure I've got room in the van for it and we could easily rename it as a super hero bus for all of the boys super heros.
I was planning on picking up my Jem dolls this trip anyways, lol!

Anne said...

I really know what you mean about hanging onto the kids toys. Just this week I gave Joeye a doll that you and Joe gave Monica for her very first Christmas. I remember giving it Kelsey when she was young and it somehow ended up back at my place. I also remember giving it to Cait when she was young. Why is it that the doll keeps ending up in my trunk. Hopefully it will stay at Monica's now. Hope you had a great birthday... Happy belated Day.