Do you make lists?

I have a parent child relationship with my lists. Sometimes they work great and keep me focused, there times I take great pleasure in totally and completely ignoring the list! Take that you stupid piece of paper! How mature is that!

I recently came across a fresh point of view regarding lists...Make a list of things NOT to do. So I did!

  1. Don't continue reading a so-so book. There are better ones out there, don't waste the time.
  2. Don't put leftovers into the frig if I know I'm not going to eat them! Who am I fooling besides myself?
  3. Don't say I will do something when I don't want to! No more doing projects for others unless there is something in it for me! Yes Jonathan will get more change table slip covers. Yes Alex will get his quilt...Not sure when, my sewing machine has to go in for repairs and the guy was very vague about a time line! Now looking into another repair shop.
  4. Don't tell everyone my big plans to drop a ton of weight and then fail! I will do this in my own time, my way, step by step.
  5. Don't keep eating junk food after having just a schneckin! I won't beat myself up, I will jump back in where I am.
  6. Don't pretend that everything is all roses when I'm upset. Let me be upset, I deserve that once in a while.
  7. Don't think I will wait forever to get a project done. I know where the tools are and I'm not afraid to use them! Company though will be always helpful.
  8. Don't wear uncomfortable shoes!
  9. Don't do the same things over & over and expect a different result! Take a new approach.
  10. Don't whine.


Jen said...

Great list! I love it. I have been working on numbers one and two myself. I made a salad the other day and I was only going to use a half can of tuna and put the rest back in the fridge. Yea, I know realistically it would have sat there until I threw it out, so I just dumped it all in at once.

The book thing is a little harder. I am afflicted with I-need-to-know-what-happens-ism. I hate not finishing a book, even if it sucks. It just kills me to put it down and forget about it. But I am getting better. I did that twice in the last two months. It is just not worth my time to try to finish it when I could be enjoying myself reading something else.

bren said...

Oh I totally agree with putting down a so-so book. It took me a lot of years to give myself permission NOT to finish a bad book but I have suceeded. Unfortunately I couldn't do that with my communication text books last year!! haha.
As for lists.. I write tons of them... and then I put them in my pockets and put them through the washer and dryer....sigh.. it's almost as bad as the dreaded kleenex!
keep blogging, you're a highlight in my day!

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

I wanna go to Torrana...ha ha...