Company is coming!

Two people who have never been to our home will visit next week.

First we will welcome a family relative who is coming out west to try his luck in the oilpatch. Joe tried to tell me the sort of starts at Henry & April's wedding...Cliff's better half's sister's child who is also related by marriage to Paul head still hurts thinking about it.

Anyways, he's coming out next week, and Joe will pick him up at the airport and bring him here for the night. the next morning both will head back into the city...Joe to work...Jeremy to the company bus for the middle of no-where bus!

Then we have the pleasure of Jonathan's first visit to Nannie & Papa's! I'm hoping Jonathan packs heavy...cuz I don't have a playpen or crib...but I do have a baby gate and monitor...if I remember new batteries!!!! I heard Joe say something about prime rib dinner...not that AGAIN!!! Lucky us!

Have a good one!

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The Big Guy said...

I think the "link" goes something like this...Jeremy's mom was married to Paul's Dad. So jeremy and Paul are step brothers i think?
Your will give you a headache trying to figure it out....SO, Jeremy's mom is from Bugtussell, i went to school with some of her brothers,She is 4 years older than me but i do remember who she is. As a side note: I was friends with the husband of one of her younger sisters way back when,, Reg was in grade seven with me, he also joined the Army as a cook,,and they got married Oct 10 76... now how's that for a memory,,Alheimers is not always a bad thing, it just makes it easier to remember the long ago past. And there you are for a bunch of UFI...