OK...who squealed on me????

I joined an e- gardening group shortly after we got the greenhouse built. I thought with having so much to learn who better to ask than those who have one. You can only get so much from a book!

Well, I trekked into town yesterday to buy cat food, paper stuff and the usual array of household products. I swing around by the seasonal stuff and lo & behold...didn't I find the soil-less seed starter mix I need. So I bought a bag.

This morning, what was awaiting in my email box but an article entitled 10 things to do when it's too early to start seeds! Nothing quite like getting shot down electronically! So I may or may not get started....shhhhh....don't tell anyone, it'll be our little secret!

In the meantime I may review my plans for building a potting bench and those copper trellis's I liked!


Jen said...

AAhhh, I remeber that old feeling. Too long winters and too short summers...well at least that's how the gardener feels.

I used to plan the garden throughout the winter, oh yes, and buy seeds. I miss those days.

New MrsIngram said...

If we end up with the house we have our eye on I will certainly be looking for pointers.

We will have a big lot with nothing on it .. first JJ said comes the sod, but we don't know where to go after that .. how much is grass anyway, it can't be that expensive is it?

Alberta said...

Monica, you can do whatever your heart tells you to, and then change it all the next year...IF JJ lets you and gives your some muscle! TeeHee! I change things all the time, especially when someone isn't home! I've dug up more lawn by myself the past couple of years...I'll be de-lawing a bit more!!!