Literary loss!

Sidney Sheldon has passed away. He was written so many great books, I could always count on one of his tales to get me out of a reading slump. I have a tendency to find an author I like and then proceed to read all their works before going on to a new-to-me writer.

On to another topic...relatives...didn't Joe run across a cousin's adult son in the company lobby! Seems he had been working in a camp but for 1 reason or another, decided to move on. Joe introduced himself, because the family resemblance was so striking....they chatted...the young man was surprised to when Joe guessed who he'd be working for next in GP...his old company and work mate! Joe knows just about everyone.

With the world closing in, I expect us to see Kevin Bacon next, because isn't he related to everyone through the 6 or 7 degrees of separation!


Lesley said...

Glad to see your moonlit cabin is progressing. I'm still thinking 20 shower favours will do, no phone call from Jeff's sister to confirm how many will attend from their side, I phoned once and emailed once and it's been almost 2 weeks with no reply...c'est la vie?!

Lucie & Co. said...

...but what cousin was it that Joe happened to meet in the lobby?