Silly waste on time!

I found this at Shannon's site , only she calls it 'How to ruin your eye sight...' it's a no brainer that keeps drawing you back in the better your time!

Quiet weekend, groceries, recycle depot, library and tonight we are off to Fort Saskatchewan where the Traders will take on the Bonneyville Pontiacs!

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow...may go for a drive in to work...seems a large piece of office furniture wasn't unloaded like it was supposed to have been! Joe found it still in the truck box...he picked it up Friday morning at the M'ville yard to save another truck making the same trip Joe was making anyways...when he went to put some cardboard etc in the back. He was not a happy camper...trickle down effect....I'm glad I won't be around on Monday when the real fur hits the fan!

Have a great weekend....don't forget...Howie & the first night of the CDN version of DEAL or NO DEAL after the football game! Gee, I didn't see any of my relatives on the contestants list or the list of case beauties! What happened????

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