Manic Monday for someone!

It seems our lovely weekend with Lesley, Aaron & the boys quickly ended when Joe had to go into work to trouble shoot a warehouse problem. The Calgary gang left and I decided to change into some 'work type clothes' and go along for the ride with Joe.

We ended up picking and sorting orders for 2 camps...someone made a boo-boo! I enjoyed being back in my element, I really don't mind doing this type of manual labour that also requires some brain cells! Don't pack equipment unless you KNOW it works...that sort of thing. After 3 hours, the orders were picked, packed and loaded into the van for early morning delivery today. They should be arriving at the camps as I write this. So by 8 am when the work day should just be beginning, things could be heating upt...but I'm glad I'm not anywhere around the warehouse today...The Donald may be in the building, and heads may roll!

But this gives me a better understanding of why Joe comes home from work utterly exhausted - poor guy...I bet he'll feel better once spring comes and he can ride his bike from work, the long way if needed! He used to do that in Kingston...even though we only lived about 5 kms from work, sometimes Joe would ride around for an hour before getting home! Oh well...better than taking 'happy pills'!

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Lucie & Co. said...

I think all of this chaos and intrigue are what keeps things interesting. You never know what you will discover when you arrive at work in the morning, or in Joe's case, when you get the first panic phone call. Hang in there.