Could have been worse!

I must admit that Lesley & Aaron are very diligent about picking up after the boys and making sure they don't leave anything behind. (Although Nannie Sample always said if something was left behind, you would get a return visit!)

Our Sunday was going pretty smoothly - Lesley was doing a quick load of laundry, Aaron pre-packed the van with most of the big stuff- no, not the Barbie bus! The boys were playing V Smile. Then Joe got the call about the warehouse problem. So Lesley folded the bow dry clothes, they all got dressed and were off.

Well just before Joe & I left, I noticed 2 of Joseph's GI Joe men stuck in the
FP playground. Then we opened the drawer to grab the truck keys...and there was Lesley's wad of keys! A quick call to let her know we had them and would post them first thing Monday. It wasn't until after I did just that, that I realized her mail box keys were also on the key ring!!! Good thing Canada Post issues 2 sets of keys! She should get everything - including the kids' Monster Inc video sometime today! I still want a return visit!

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