Quiet morning

I went for my walk and ended up counting broken beer bottles along the way. This is a sad reflection of how the arrival of a new year seems to be a license to forget your head. After 7, I turned around and came home. I did spot the sharp deep divets from a pair of high heeled boots/shoes. Just for fun, I tried to walk where they went. Anyone looking out their front window would have sworn I was just going home from partying all night myself!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe evening!

PS - it would appear I have a technical problem with my walking ticker...I hope this isn't a sign of some sort!

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Anonymous said...

You walking in the high heel tracks gave me a mental image of that comic strip The Family Circle...the little boy would be going someplace and you would follow the dotted line that marked the path he took...anyway, I smiled :) so thanks.