Jonathan is coming today!

And Heather & Jeff!

It's going to be fun having another wee one in the house again! Hopefully our cold weather doesn't affect the little guy...wouldn't want him to become sick, especially with portrait day Saturday!

Not sure what all we're going to do except pass the baby, it's my turn to hold him and oh yeah...can I hold Jonathan again! We'll be taking bunches of cute pics, I hope...if I remember to download what I have already and recharge the battery!

OT - Jeremy stayed an extra night with us...there's a better job with more hours starting today...hence the delay to get out. But he did earn his keep yesterday - Joe had him working in the warehouse and the guys took him out to the noodle soup place for lunch! Joe laughed when he said the chop sticks got the better of him! Oh well, we wish him the best today...going towards Cold Lake...small rig camp ~ 20 guys and he's the 2nd cook.

Have a great day...lots of great TV tonight, but I may NO, I WILL be busy with Jonathan!!!!

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