What's up?

It would appear that interest in updating blogs has fallen to the way side. Possible reasons in my mind...
  • Too busy with life outside blogs
  • Nothing interesting to say
  • Want to keep things private
  • Computer issues
  • On vacation to somewhere exotic
  • Sick as a dawg - pregnant or flu
  • Forgot sign in password
  • Busy buying a house
  • Preparing for a move
  • Company in the house
  • Starting a new business venture
  • Kids!
  • Looking for a new job

I guess it really doesn't matter why some are missing...hope things are good with you!


Lesley said...

I had a fabulous comment but blogger was having issues with me again, what the heck?!
To recap - I've had a very busy dayhome and very busy little boys so I haven't had a chance to do my daily blogging.
I miss it...is that pathetic?

jen said...

I have noticed that we have all been getting a little slack around here, with the exception of you and Lesley.Although I have noticed that Lesley hasn't been updating as much or as often as she used to. Still, you guys are better at keeping updated than I am.

BTW, since we are on the topic, just an FYI, the MacAulay Family Tree Project has been shutdown. I don't have much time anymore, plus I really don't have any family info to add and no one was sending me anything. Oh well. Maybe someone else in the family will give it a go sometime

I guess it wasn't really something I could add to, heck, I haven't even met everyone in the family yet...lol.