It's TGIF! And no water!!!!!

OMG...the kids are coming...Joseph & Alex!!!! I know it's going to be a whirlwind weekend of fun, so I better get ready! Have a great weekend everyone and watch out for the green beer Saturday!

Just before 8 am, Joe who took a day off work, tried to turn on the tap...and no water...nothing in the whole house...I checked outside to see if there was a crew doing some work I didn't know about...nothing...Joe called Town Hall...they asked if we had a swimming pool in our front yard...nope...the whole town is without water and they don't know yet where the break is...Joe took a dash to the grocery store for extra jugs of water, hand sanitizer and some baby wipes...he also bailed the little bit of water in our sump pump we can bucket flush later this afternoon...hope no one has di*rrhe*! Stay tuned for weekend water woes!


Anonymous said...

how horrible.. Hopefully your water gets back on soon.
Ps have fun with the boys tonight

Anonymous said...

Thats crazy! I hope they find the problen soon! Enjoy the week end with the kidletts!