Weekend update

Our water returned around noon...one of the developers broke the water main, so they will be footing the repair bill.

The kids - Joseph & Alex enjoyed playing in snow...they got totally soaked Saturday chasing me around and pelting me with snowballs. Joseph is left handed and can he throw! Didn't miss too many times! Alex took pity on me and tried to help by passing me some snow balls he made. Too little too late...I lost!

Aaron & Joe went to the Zoo with Steve...for the famous meat draw...I now have a couple nice steaks in the freezer! Thanks guys! Lesley & I went into town and picked up a few odds'n'ends for Kathryn's upcoming bridal shower...that is all done, except of the food prep on the day of the event.

All in all, another successful weekend of too much food, lots of games, a movie or 2 or 3...play doh time and of course, some paint with water. I now have 7 pictures to add to my collection!


Krista said...

Sounds like a great week end, glad the water returned pretty quickley as well!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that your water is back on, and you won a few yummy steaks almost time to bring the BBQ back out to cook'em up.