Possible new career?

Joe has been out of the cooking field since he retired in 2000. But you just can't take the cooking out of Joe!

A couple of weeks ago, Joe headed up to Fort MacMurray to be the primary judge in the Aramark Travers Division cook off.
The winner goes on to a national level competition and that winner becomes the Canadian Aramark representative for the big compeition in the US.

Shawn Genge won and is on his way to Montreal. Joe may be doing a little translating on the menu so Shawn can present it in both official languages.

Joe looks good in his jacket, kind of scholarly....maybe he should teach!

BTW - don't miss Iron Chef Wednesday March 7...Canadian chef Lynn Crawford, formerly of the Four Seasons is taking on Iron Chef Bobby Flay! I wonder what the secret ingredient will be...something as yummy as maple syrup?


Anonymous said...

Looking good unlce Joe..

Jen said...

Has Joe lost weight? He is looking mighty professional in that shot.

Lesley said...

The chef's outfit is a good look for you Dad, very slimming!

New MrsIngram said...

Is it the jacket that's slimming .. he certainly does look like he's dropped a few pounds!