Still off balance

Sunday was a day for private grieving, Monday, we rocked Heather & Lesley's world. Cody still doesn't understand why I brought the travel tote back - empty. This morning, Joe didn't sugar his Cheerios and forgot to take his travel mug of coffee for the hour commute to work. Yesterday I didn't want any sound in the house, today I turned on the radio as I check email...but I still have a place cleared on my desk...

Thanks for the cyber hugs...much appreciated.

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The Big Guy said...

Aah,,, Who needs coffee anyways...And;
I'm not sure but i think the dog is taking advantage of me for some reason..Last night she insisted on 2 doggie treats when she came in from outside, and she was at the fridge when i went in for my milk for my cereal this morning...Hoping for some sliced cheese to fall on the floor i think. We sure enjoyed all our little people with fur, and miss them when they are gone,But everything is for a reason, i guess...We were lucky to have had the time we did with each of them.