Getting dirty!!!!

Freecycle has proved frustrating this time. The bike helmet was pickup within minutes of notification. The louver doors, well, the person thought it was in another part of the city in which I DO NOT live. One of the rules is to post where the items are...someone wasn't thinking when they were reading. the pick up is set up for Friday, so we'll see what happens.

So I've been playing with my plants!

Can you see my first tomato flower starting to open???? I'm so excited!

My lilac shrubs are coming into bud, hopefully there will be loads of flowers. They are a favorite of mine!


Anonymous said...

The plants are really taking off, they look great! As for the lilacs, I love them too so I also help you get loads!

Brenda said...

Now I know I want one of those green houses, Perhaps, I can put it on the cement pad Garry has out back that was suppose to be for his shed that never happened. Wishfull thinking maybe. I will have to figure out how to convince him which would be more useful