Great weekend

Jeff dropped Heather and Jonathan off at Joe's work, so they could show off the baby - and yes it was a Kodak moment. Jeff then went on to set up for his trade show and the others came home directly.

We went out for our garlic feast and we were not disappointed. We are stunk afterwards, and some more than others. I won't name names!

Saturday while Jeff did his show, we dropped of our household hazardous waste, then headed into St Albert to the bridal shop. WOW! Lots of selection, 12 designers, price points all over the board...but no decisions made.

After lunch, we ate a lot, we headed for the toy store...checked out the Bumbo seats and after Jonathan tried on on the store floor, we knew he just needed it! Jonathan is the type of child who has to see everything...and you can't do that flat on the floor, you have to be able to twist your head and kick your feet...!

Saturday night we did jerk chicken with Anne's real jerk spices. Man oh man, was it hot! Very tasty but it's good that we had potato salad to calm our pallets. Just so you gets spicy in the frig overnight!

Sunday we went for a walk, Papa pushed the stroller. Went and checked out Joseph & Alex's favorite playground. By the time we got there, Jonathan was fast asleep. When we arrived home again, we simply lifted the stroller into the family room and he slept for a solid 2 hours! That worked out well, he should have been in fine form at Daddy's show...we dropped Heather and Jonathan off so they could visit with the other vendors before returning home.

Greta weekend guys...thanks for coming up!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guy had quite the weekend. Glad it went so well. Jonathan sure is a cutie. Paula

New MrsIngram said...

The bumbo's are the greatest.

You know we brought back a bunch of spices and sauces from Jamaica and have never tried any of them .. I was too scared of the spiciness.