4 loads to the dump and 1 more on Monday

While the guys...Joe, Steve and Kory took the second last load to the dump beofre it closed, I got some cleaning up done. While doing so, I realized something very important. I was now standing on my new to me' afternoon sun deck area'! Sorry Joe, no shed is going back up here...I really like the view.

A very special thanks to Steve and his son Kory for coming over and helping us realize the dream of this A frame shed GONE! My only regret - I didn't push for it sooner!

I hope everyone has as great a great as ours is going!!! Don't forget UFC tonight and we are watching it!


Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

jeff said...dump...why waste good wood....he would have had the biggest and bestest weiny roast!!!! EVER!!!! bring on the marshmallows!!! yum

Lesley said...

OMG, that's a lot of work! That was awesome that Steve and Kory came and helped you out. Now you just need to paint/stain to match the rest and buy some new patio furniture.
Enjoy your naked sun-bathing Mom!

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Yes it was a lot of work...as much as I had expected but I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

I'll be staining the fence this afternoon. The deck is another matter. It's original to the house and will probably be replaced sometime this year. Right now the next focus is finding the right location for the other shed!