Coincidence or fluke?

Seems this family likes to share birthdays between the generations. Why is this? Are we that much like our parents that we follow in their footsteps?

HL & Candice share birthdays, different years, same with Les & Kelsey & Paul and Matt, I had HL the day after my day, as did Monica & Joeye. Doesn't Henry share a day with one of his girls? Who else shares a day? Maybe 365 days just isn't we need more? I'd be happy if we had more holidays, less bill paying days!

Your thoughts?


New MrsIngram said...

I know Henry and Maddy share a birthday .. also my mom and JJ's sister and JJ's dad is the same as Uncle Paul and Matt's ... weird eh?

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Oops...forgot about Henry& Madison! Must double check my date book! Thanks!

Dawn said...

My 2 youngest were both born on Friday the 13th but different months. My BIL was also a Friday the 13th baby.

Alli said...

My birthday is shared with death only in this family(pout) but that's ok. Nothing no one could do about it.

Christine said...

I've got quite a bit of that in my family. People look at me like I'm weird when I tell them how many in a small family share birthdays in my family...

-My grandfather and uncle share a birthday. He's one of only 5 kids my grandparents had.

- My grandmother and her niece share a birthday.

-My Dad and aunt and their first cousin share a birthday. They come from two familes of only 4 kids each.

-two sisters of that same first cousin above also share a birthday. Again, only 4 kids in the family.

-Two of my first cousins also share a birthday. They're 2 of only 3 in their family.

My girls were born just days away from sharing birthdays with both my husband and myself. Our oldest was born two days before my dh's birthday and my youngest was born a day after mine... they both wanted to share birthdays too, but it just didn't work out that way!