Great weekend here...and yours?

Saturday was raining and barely plus 3, but that didn't stop the water rats from getting their tub time! At least that was nice and warm. We all took in a matinee performance of Shrek 3...we all enjoyed...don't know what the movie reviewer missed!

Sunday was foggy but that was soon lifting so the guys squeezed in a game of golf. The little ones got in more tub time. Lunch as an adventure at Chuck E Cheese...the grandparents lost site of the littlest one...good thing his Mommy has sharp eyes.

Nannie & Papa supervised Monday's tub time, which included a rowdy visit from the was hand to hand combat, some times under water. The shy one even got the mask on and went under voluntarily. I think another day of tub time and he'd be another water baby! Oh well there's next visit to look forward to. The guys then snuck off for another round of golf and we headed to a 'new to us' park.

After a lunch of the kids' favorite - macaroni and leftovers, they packed up and headed home. Seems they almost forgot their lovely dog we affectionately call 'liver lips'...she was sound alsleep on Cody's bed! Finding the house quiet, I put the TV on to our local noon news...only to see photos of the snow that had fallen overnight in the GCA! It was a quick decision not to spoil their weekend and we just let them drive home, unaware that yes, WE DID HAVE THE GOOD WEATHER THIS TIME AROUND!!!!

Thanks for the visit, it was a blast on all levels!


Heidi said...

hello how are you? just wanted to know if you got my message thanking you for the pledge... if you didn't thank you again very much

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

yeah right...they almsot "forogt" Lyla...yeah right...where have i heard that one before?

Lesley said...

Eventually we'll forget the dog, haha!
Thanks for the fun weekend!

Alberta ('Berta) said...

You know, that may not be a huge problem...unless we are looking for a puppy sitter!!!!