Alli wants to know why we raced

This was the company retreat weekend and each year they try and think of ways to build the team. You gain a whole new perspective when you are down in the mud with the CEO or one of the VP's!

Last year was the first annual company retreat, held at the Jasper Park Lodge - company picked up the tab for just about everything! They let us choose one of the following activities- fly fishing, horse back riding, white water rafting, golf or a nature walk. Joe & I did the fly fishing because we had never done that before. Very interesting and I won a fishing rod set-up! Great teacher, lots of charisma!.

After the weekend, upon review they found that some people more or less stayed in their little work cliques. So they changed things up for this year by pre-determining the race teams. No hanging out with your own group of work friends. It was a great way to learn something about another person and see if you could find that common ground to pull together in chaotic circumstances. We did...we weren't above trying to push the limits, hence the motorized rides!

It was great fun and we are all looking forward to next year's retreat. If the company meets their targets, the rumour is Hawaii! I best see about puppy sitter & a passport now!

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Anonymous said...

What great fun to get the company to work together.