Now how did that happen?

Like many people, someone near and dear to me has multiple sized colthes hanging in the closets. Every month or so, we play dress up to see what fits now.

Yesterday was dress up day.

Hanging in our main closet where 2 pairs of pants, never worn. One pair of jeans that I hated but someone had to buy because of the price, the other ones that I loved the colour of but didn't quite fit well enough to zip & button. The latter ones would usually get tried on only to go back for another time in the future.

Well now could someone explain in basic English what happened?????? The expensive pants can now to PULLED up without the zip down and button undone! They are HUGE!!!! Way too big and somehow someone has missed that window of opportunity and now is TOO small for them.

I would like to comment that this is a gross misuse of hard earned money but it's more than that. Someone is standing a lot taller with a big funny grin on his face, the way a 2 year old is proud of their first dandelion bouquet! Well done Dear!

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