Another little project

We started putting up the shed we got from Lesley & Aaron only to find that where we are putting it, there's a slight incline so the doors only barely open while rubbing the grass hard. So we have to built a small deck to raise it up. Hopefully the weather co-operates cuz we have to un-build the shed, male the deck and start all over again! The good news, it's all doable in a short period of time if there's no lightening!

We had the pleasure of Lucie and Adrienne's company overnight. Adrienne celebrated her birthday with a shopping spree at WEM! Lucky girl. They are also planning a Jasper get away next weekend so we may be able to meet up for a coffee/drink.

For those who don't know, Lesley is having computer issues and won't be up and running until later today. I'm sure she will have lots to blog about. Me, I've run out of interesting stuff to mention before I even started this post! For that, I'm truly sorry!

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