Just can't seem to get moving in the right direction

Don't get me wrong, I love my backyard...but I can't stand to sit and relax when there is so much chaos happening!

The A frame shed is down and gone. But we now have to find a permanent site for the satellite dish. In the meanwhile it's sitting just so on our picnic table. Can't move it because there goes the reception! Where the table is, I want to clean up the deck and put the Adirondack chairs so we can enjoy the sun and gardens. So the chairs and settee are sitting at the back of the deck in total shade by 10 am!

Where the new shed is going, are a couple of forsythias, which need to be transplanted. There's a few choices spots where they can go once they are up. But did I mention my sore back?

Since that injury, it doesn't take much to set it off and I'm in discomfort for days. I try real hard not to get into that vicious cycle of meds but...the odd day/night I do need some relief. My back hurts now because of all the digging I've been doing. One of my shade gardens is now a full sun garden sans shed! So everything had to be moved.

Also moved, actually removed are the Noma lights that were hardwired under the tree. So they came up, 3 wheel barrows of mulch removed and relocated, landscape cloth up and the soil underneath all turned and fluffed up. I replanted that bed yesterday.

I'm tired....this is almost too much work which is why we won't be replacing the newly exposed deck until late this fall or early spring.

Well I should get back at it and do some prep work on those shrubs. BTW - I'm not really complaining, I'm bragging while sitting down for a wee rest! Come on, grab a shovel!


Anonymous said...

I would love to see the pics when it is all done. I sounds like a very relaxing place to be, to unwind the day.

Alberta ('Berta) said...

I'll post photos once I get things to where I can sit and relax without wanting to get right up and do something! this project has been divided into many next actions, some which are easier to do than others! Thanks for stopping by Alli!