Something's in the air!

With a quiet house while Joe is away on business - OK, golf business! - I've had time to think and reflect on where I am and where I want to go.

Now it seems the floodgates are wide open and thoughts are crashing in, getting my mojo going. Where to start is the question. Obviously I have to run all these ideas or brainwaves by the Big Guy and see if they are flashes of brilliance or something that should not see the light of day! Obviously if the parts that affect him don't go over well, I'll have to reaccess. Hmmm...when's the next away trip? I seem to do some of my deepest thinking alone.

Girls, don't panic, I'm not running off to join the circus or anything else, just thinking a few small but crucial changes are in my/our future. And no, we won't be spending more of your inheritance! Call it "Checking back into Life". I find I have been gliding for too long and not flapping like a duck. Stay tuned, perhaps you'll be able to discern some subtle changes, or not.

Now if this doesn't get tongues wagging and comments flying, I don't know what will. Just remember the old adage -
A change is as good as a rest


Alberta ('Berta) said...

Well I caught HL's attention, got a nice phone call from her! She was worried we were turning into vegetarians! Yeah right, and Dad's checking into hunting for this fall!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi there i was sitting on the deck and watching the 2 young moose cross the yard and thinking how care free they are and what we take for granite, life is full of beautiful wonders. Have a nice day. love to all cheryl.