We're a big town now!

Joe called me on his way out of town to say that this was the first time he didn't have to stop at the Sobey's & Zoo corner. They activated the traffic lights yesterday afternoon without any fanfare and he had a green light. Seems someone didn't put in the request to turn these ligths on until a wekk or so ago! DU*H! And we have civic elections this October!


Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

Nice b-day oresent for Dad...thats the REAL reason why they turned on the lights yesterday...so he had easier time getting to work...ha ha ha! have a good one big guy

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy
Sorry I dont have time to blog lately, but I couldn't let this day go buy without saying something.

Matthew said...

Hey Uncle Joe, sorry this is late, but Happy B-Day, how old are you again? Oh, it doesn't matter, we'll just say its old.
Love you