Why me?

I have a month long challenge going with Joe...inches & lbs...winner gets something real nice! Joe is down 3 and I'm bloating and am up 3...so he's head by 6 already on day 4! Maybe if I work harder I'll get luckier!

So today I mowed the front and back and if that wasn't enough I pulled EVERYTHING out of the greenhouse! I had dropped out outdoor carpet down last fall to help kill the grass and it did a great job. Only had a bit around the edges to finish up with some K*ll*x. I let that settle down while I had lunch.

I loaded everything back in after prepping the floor for the gravel or whatever is going down. Maybe this weekend if the weather permits we'll get a load. Joe can watch me shovel and haul it by wheel barrow while he enjoys a leisurely Father's Day! Maybe eat a few bon-bons! Is that what they mean by sabotage?

Company is coming - Lucie & birthday girl Adrienne will be here Saturday evening after a day of shopping at WEM. Tuesday my nephew Brian is coming up for a visit while his brother Gary & girlfriend take in the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert. Gary and his lady will be over Wednesday for a quick stay. Thursday we head south to take in Joseph's graduation ceremony at school. Lesley has kindly offered to Cody sit for us while we head to jasper Friday for the company's annual retreat. Rumour has it there's a version of the Amazing Race on for Saturday. Sounds better than Surv*vor - no bugs and leaf TP for this townie!

If nothing else, I have lots of things to keep my mind off the scales! Such is my life!

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