101 in 1001 update

Today in Day 133 in this and I have 13 things checked off. 88 to go! For those tracking me I have until Dec 9,2009 to do these.

Since the last update I have listened to all my CD's (#69)...I have some new favorites and DUH...I found 6 duplicate discs! Some were from when I was driving back and forth to work as was Joe along with all his travel. The good news, I have donated the doubles to our local library.

I repainted our front door white (#82). Not very exciting but it works with the salmon stucco and red brick. I have to ask my neighbour what the original house colour was when it had siding. My bet is white because it also had a red roof! Not a good choice with salmon. Anyways, I've been researching painting the stucco. I don't dislike the salmon, but after 16 years, it's starting to show more hairline cracks and a good product will bridge those before water can get behind it. We are leaning towards a gray green shade...my neighbours have a beige, a yellow (they are also going to change...will ask to what) white and a dark brown. I'd love to go white but stucco holds the dust and dirt and looks dirty unless freshly pressure washed. The house painting will have to wait...for plants to go dormant as well as waiting for that money tree to re-bloom!

Surprise, surprise...I wrote my fan letter (#93). Can you guess the recipient? None other than Rick Mercer. He's not your usual 'star' but I do think he's an amazing thinker as anyone who has read his blog or watched his rants. Also, he's been quick to do the right thing by visiting our troops when they go and put their lives on the line.

A few weeks ago, the heat just wasted me totally so I had an afternoon nap (#59). I felt a bit out of kilter but more energized. Last but not least...#99 has been checked off. Don't think you need the details, it's about my sleeping arrangements....just know that power surges are not fun!

Join me with this 101 in 1001!

Addendum - #3 - buy a new chair...well I found a nice one but it's a bit costly right now...maybe closer to Christmas...hint hint! But Joe did bring me home a new to me office chair. They're redecorating at work and had a bunch of surplus...even the thirft stores don't want them! But I like it a lot. Thanks Joe!


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