I don't bounce back like I used to!

Gary & Trevor's visit just wore me out. I made the mistake of laying on the couch while watching an episode of 24. Then Joe surfed around, found Bird on a Wire, which we love because we know which shots were done in Victoria while we were living there.

Long story short, I am moving like Fred Sanford today! Not pretty, but the meds are starting to kick in!

We hit the St A farmer's market Saturday morning with the boys. Joe scouted out some tasty green tomatoes which we fried up at Jo's house for supper, along with BBQ steak & shrimp and foccaica! Tasty treats before the UFC fights. We even managed a trip to the local zoo for a meat draw - won twice!

Sunday we headed to the Castrol Raceway to watch John Dampf. ~ 15 minutes before we got there, Shawn called to say John jumped the light and was eliminated! Too bad, but we enjoyed the others racing and the close and personal walk about the cars in the pits.

So my aches and pains can be called self inflicted. That'll teach me for trying to do it all! Now to get better before my road trip and our weekend company. Oh yeah...we are on vacation next week, too! Wish me luck or at least have some sympathy for me!

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